We develop the AI of the future!

We combine machine learning, operations research and other fields to create new algorithms and solve industrial problems. In the process, we reintroduce the human in the loop and co-construct solutions with you, exactly tailored to your specific needs. We have a 100% success rate until now! This is because of our new approach to solving problems.

We are also pushing the boundaries of the AI field and propose innovative ways to combine machine learning and operations research to make robots emotive and truly intelligent. We are developing a machine intelligence that may pave the way to developing AGI in the future showing along the way how you can totally control this intelligence.

Manufacturing optimization: See product

Where machine learning meets operations research

Quite often, we improve industrial processes by 10, 20 or even 40% by using a combination of machine learning and operations research.

Prescriptive analysis

Take the optimal decisions with data insights. See Prescriptive analysis.

We adapt to your specific needs

We provide solutions tailored to your specific requirements and means. See how we do it.

Easily adaptable

Our solutions can be easily adapted and integrated to your systems.

Real partnerships

We strongly believe in partnerships as the best way to work together. See Partnerships.

Auto learning

Our systems improve themselves constantly by auto-learning. The more you use them, the better they become.

R & D

Benefit from our research and development. We are shaking up the AI world. Check our R&D.

Frequently Asked Questions

Don't be afraid to start your journey in AI but do so wisely.


Can AI help me optimize my industrial process?

Combined with operations research, most certainly. As long as you try to optimize a process than can be repeated and you can measure the quality of the output, then yes, there are analytical solutions to not only optimize and make your process more robust but also allow you to take informed decisions rapidly .


Shouldn't we clean and assess our data before we can even start an AI project?

No. You can start right away. In fact, finding the right data is part of the problem. We help you set up procedures to collect and clean your data. Moreover, you don't need data at the very beginning because we use operations research and are able to encapsulate your knowledge into mathematical equations!


What kind of ROI can I expect?

In practice and compared to solutions that do not use our approach, you can expect an improvement between 5 and 40%. Most of the time, we obtain a 30-40% improvement and this translates into x10 to x100 ROI! But you also should consider that our solutions make your processes more robust and allow you to quickly adapt to unforseen situations. And of course, it is important to ask yourself: "What is the cost of not implementing such solutions?".


How much does it cost?

The construction of the solution usually costs less than what it allows to save or gain. In fact, most of the time, the cost of the construction of the solution is absorbed within a few months. The major costs involve maintenance, solution improvements as well as the internal adaptation to use the new tools. But we do have solutions for that too!


What are the chances of success?

Until now, we have a 100% success rate and we plan to keep it that way. In a field where more than 80% of projects fail, it is very important to reduce the risks. We do so by complementing AI with additional mathematical fields and by being agile (in the good sense). We also carefully listen to your needs and study the feasibility of your project.


What about the maintenance?

That is an excellent question. Unless you gather the knowledge inhouse, you probably will not be able to do the maintenance and more importantly the updates of your system. This is why we insist on a real partnership between your company and Funartech. As partners, we got you covered! .


Will my employees easily adapt?

Yes and no. AI is there to help them do their job better and ease some painful constraints. Done well, they will love it and embrace it. But one of the reasons AI projects fail is the fact that people using the tools are not involved in their construction and/or don't get proper training.

What our customers say

We have successfully completed all our projects to the best satisfaction of our customers.

" Funartech is one of the best startups the Montreal Port Authority (MPA) has worked with to date. A very mature and attentive startup that continually seeks to surpass itself, challenge the limits of what is possible and, above all, exceed its client's expectations. "

Daniel Olivier

- Director Business Intelligence and Innovation Montreal Port Authority, Canada

" We were impressed both by Funartech's expertise in operational research and machine learning and by their ability to deliver consistent work quickly. Funartech played a leading role in implementing the algorithmic intelligence behind OPS, a software at the forefront of Industry 4.0. "

Frédéric Scherer

- CEO JITbase, Canada

" We saw a high potential in Funartech and decided to collaborate with them.
We needed a cross-cultural collaboration between Japan and Canada and a solution to the problem in a short period of time. They overcame this challenge with hard work and came up with an excellent solution. "

Dr. Takanori Ide

- Senior Specialist, Aisin Corporation, Japan